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The third in a series of Eastern PA-based community events

Potluck 3.0 was an event that took place at Lappawinzo Fish & Game near Allentown, PA. The event was organized by Billistic Bill & The PA Group. Lappawinzo has a nearly 360º range bay that was used for the day. The Potluck concept started in September 2021 at Double Eagle Pocono. The goal was to bring like-minded 2A advocates together to meet and train. Attendees come from PA, NJ, NY and nearby states The very first Potluck started with 5 people and has grown to include over 30 at 3.0.

As with all events like this, there was a proper safety brief and instructions in the event of an injury. There were some EMT and TCCC trained folks in attendance too.

The Homerun drill


Here’s what Bill has to say about coming up with the drill:

I’m a big believer in mindful shooting, which is basically committing your entire awareness to a specific aspect of your firearms training. Thus when I created the Home Run Drill, the primary idea was to create a performance based drill, that basically forces the shooter to take full awareness of their fundamentals during a moment of elevated stress. It’s definitely easier said then done. Because when you’re trying to apply good fundamentals, and your heart is racing from four twenty five yard sprints. Trying to settle in to your shot can be difficult.


The shooting started with a challenge. This drill was fun! It starts out with carbine loaded with 3 rounds and a holstered pistol. At the start, the shooter engage 3 steel targets with their carbines—2@75 yards, one@25yds. At bolt lock, the shooter then runs 25yds to “first base,” engages to cardboard and continues on to the next bases. Finally, the shooter gets back to “home” and ends with a 25yd pistol shot. Each of the “bases” works a little different movement and transition pattern. The movement gets the heart pumping and forcing shooters to rely on executing their fundamental techniques. If you have the capability and space to run this drill, give it a try.

There was a top shooter for this drill. The only one to shoot it clean.


After everyone went through the Homerun drill, the group ran some fundamental drills based on turning, weapon manipulations and some transitions. We broke for lunch, which was provided by @itsestebanjvega. This man makes the best tacos. You can’t change my mind. Once we refueled, we got back at the drills. The most notable to me was something Bill adapted from J.J. Racaza—the Attack & Control drill. It’s two USPSA cardboard silhouettes at ~10yds (attack targets) and a 25yd steel (control target) in between. The drill works vision, speed, accuracy and trigger control. It’s something I will be integrating into my practice sessions moving forward.


Potluck has accomplished what it set out to do—bring together like-minded people and begin building a shooting community in the area. I look forward to attending these in the future. If this sound interesting, keep an eye on @billisticbill’s instagram page for the next Potluck. The event fills up quickly, so don’t hesitate.

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