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April 13, 2022

The BEST Zero for Red Dots

There's so much discussion and recommendations on what the "best zero" is for a red dot. We found a great series of videos from DeltaThirtyFour. He demonstrates that there is…
March 26, 2022

PA Potluck 3.0

???? Photos: @lord.pump The third in a series of Eastern PA-based community events Potluck 3.0 was an event that took place at Lappawinzo Fish & Game near Allentown, PA. The…
Product Info
March 8, 2022

Walther PDP + Surefire X300U + Safariland 6390RDS

Does a Safariland ALS holster for a PDP exist? I bought a Walther PDP recently and wanted a Safariland ALS holster for it. I have one for my Glocks. It…
Dot torture with a Beretta 92 Elite LTTUncategorized
August 20, 2020

Low-round Count Drills & Dry fire

2021 Update The great ammo shortage of the 2020s is upon us! As a little update to this post, I'm adding some new low round count drills, I will be…